Jubilee Clips

Commander Lumley Robinson of the British Royal Navy was granted the first patent for the Jubilee Clip by the London Patent Office in 1921.

Lumley Robinson was born in Leeds in 1877 but moved to Brompton whilst he was based at Chatham Dockyard as a member of the Royal Navy. Lumley served onboard the HMS Aboukir when it was sunk during the First World War in the North Sea, luckily he survived despite having spent several hours in the sea before being rescued.

Lumley came up with the invention whilst in the Navy when he often had to attach a hose to a pipe. He made his first Jubilee Clip in a friend’s garage and then went to London attempting to sell it, not long after the company took off. Lumley died of a heart attack in 1939 but throughout the Second World War Emily, his widow, ran the business.


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