The Brompton Barber

This image is an article from Chatham News 1973 about 'Doug' the Barber at Brompton.


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I had my first haircut in his father’s shop which was next door to my parents shop, which would have made it number 32. His name was Dick Miller. Dougie’s shop was across the road and up towards the Brompton Barracks end of the High Street. For all the litlun’s it was a plank across the arms of the chair to sit on, short back and sides and the inevitable Brylcream. The clippers on my neck always sent a shiver down my spine!

Admin - 04/02/2013 19:14

I can remember both the shop next to Bill’s parents and Mr Miller, he sported a fine handlebar moustache.

Admin - 05/02/2013 16:44

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