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  • Sapper Anthony John Angel

    Betty, I am very interested in Anthony Angel. Could you please contact me at the above e-mail address, please?

    By David on 15/11/2015 20:42
  • Sapper Anthony John Angel

    I am researching a man named Anthony John Angel. This might (repeat might) be the same man you…
    By David on 04/11/2015 14:30

  • The Pickles Family

    cannot help with photo but would be really interested to know if you can remember a family that lived at…
    By maureen h on 06/07/2015 15:10

  • School Nativity 1954

    The shepherd kneeling down next to Joseph is John Measey; the son of the Superintendent of Miss Daniell’s Soldiers and…
    By John Measey on 08/06/2015 10:52

  • Cannon Gummer

    A close friend of my father HERBERT RAWLINSON I believe was church warden at the church, later to become a…
    By michael barton on 20/04/2015 07:45

  • ​Westcourt Street

    Mr & Mrs Brown were my maternal Grandparents and I was born in the house. I can remember the shock…
    By JACQUI COWLES on 04/03/2015 17:59

  • ​Gale and Polden

    Has anyone got a copy of Calcutta Light Horse A.F.I 1759-1881-1947.Author INDIA.  Army. Cavalry. Calcutta Light Horse published by Gale…
    By angela hall on 02/02/2015 15:38

  • Directory of Streets

    I was born in the military s hospital in 1949.and lived in
    14sallyport gardens till 1954.

    By Ian.donner on 27/01/2015 16:10
  • Swan Hotel

    I used to live in a pub in bromtom called the royal engineers

    By David Luxon on 18/11/2014 19:25
  • The Pickles Family

    I thought you would like to know the names of the people in the photo of the Pickles Family.  I…
    By Gerald Daw on 11/10/2014 15:51

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