1937 Coronation

Chatham News 21 5 1937

“Owing to the uncertainty of the weather, the party arranged for the children of Wood Street Brompton, was held in the Conway Hall. Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Boyle and Mrs Burnthall, with the help of all the mothers, were responsible for the party, at which over 90 children were present. Messrs Burnthall and Horrigan of Wood Street kept the children amused after tea, ably assisted by Mrs Sheerman, Mr Wright and Mr Bower, who organised a jazz band. In addition to an excellent tea, chocolate medals, bags of sweets and cakes were distributed among the young people.

About sixty children of Westcourt Street Brompton sat down to tea at tables uniformly decorated in red, white and blue. The tea was arranged by Mrs Burns, Mrs Brady and Mrs Waterman, and during the meal, Chatham Town Band, who voluntarily gave their services, played to the great delight of the children.

Afterwards, Mr Potter, a local comedian, entertained the gathering, which included parents as well as children, and at the conclusion of the party, each child was presented with a bag of fruit and chocolate and a threepenny piece”.


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My father Albert Green was born and lived in Westcourt St. He would have been around 6 when these photo’s were taken. His parents were Thomas and Mary Green, his grandfather was Jack. Our family owned the coal yard in Westcourt St.

I wonder if I may possibly have a copy of the photo’s please?

Kind Regards

Deborah green - 15/03/2013 12:55

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