Brompton Murder

 Sheffield Evening Telegraph - Wednesday 07 March 1900



Late last night, Old Brompton, near Chatham, was the scene shocking tragedy. A dockyard labourer named William Bailey, aged 36, attempted to murder a woman named Thorne in a public-house, and then fatally cut his own throat. Bailey had resided in Old Brompton fourteen years, during which period he had been separated from his wife no fewer than seven times. He had been living apart again latterly, but was very jealous of his wide, and kept strict watch over her lodgings at night time. Last evening, in a neighbouring public-house, he thought he recognised a jug from her place of abode, and running to the adjoining compartment met a woman coming out with the jug of beer, and cut her throat with a razor, evidently in the belief that it was his wide. Then cutting his own throat, he ran out and fell dead in the street. The injured woman’s condition is precarious. Her husband is dying from consumption.


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