Engineers at Chatham

Sheffield Independent - Thursday 08 March 1900


Non-Comissioned Officers Acknowledge Hospitalities.
Presentation from Sheffield.

Our Chatham correspondent telegraphs:—
The sergeants and corporals of the detachment of Volunteer Engineers who have enlisted for service in South Africa under the special Army Order, and which includes the unit from Sheffield, were entertained last night to a farewell smoker by the non- commissioned officers of Royal Engineers at Brompton Barracks, Chatham. During the evening Sergeant Briggs (2nd Tower Hamlets), on behalf of the Volunteers, presented the mess with a silver waiter in recognition of the many kindnesses of its members to corporals and sergeants of Volunteers during their stay in Chatham. Sergeant H. C. Ellis, in the name of the Sheffield detachment, also presented Corporals Easterbrook and Lewis, Royal Engineers, each with a silver match box in acknowledgment of the assistance rendered by them with the equipment.

Sergeant Ellis contributed songs to the programme, and responding to the toast of "Our guests," said he felt it high honour to be among his friends, the Royal Engineers, and he referred to this being his third visit to the school of Military Engineering. Ten of the detachment, including the Sheffield party, leave Chatham early on Saturday morning to embark on the Tintagel Castle, at Southampton. They will be inspected in their khaki outfit on parade by Colonel W. T. Dooner, for the general commanding, on Friday morning.

On arrival at the front they will be attached to the 9th company. The Volunteers have this week been engaged in constructing trenches after the style of those used by the Boers. Each trench is ten feet long and six feet wide. They are made zigzag fashion, and afford complete protection to men in them.The Volunteers esteem it a high honour at being the first to experiment with these trenches in this country. Much time has also been spent in bridging operations. The silver waiter was made in Sheffield, the work being Messrs. Walker and Hall, Ltd. Upon it is the following inscription:-
Presented to the N.C.O.'s Mess, Royal Engineers,Chatham
By the N.C.O.'s of sections from the following corps:-
                                              Sergeant.          Corporal.
lst Middlesex R.E. (Vol.) - F. G. G:bbs. G. Wiltshire.
lst Lanark R.E. (Vol.) - J. MacLaren. H. Murchie.
1st. Newcastle R.E. (Vol.) - J. M. Craggs. J. Purvis.
1st Yorks. R.E. (Vol.) - H. C. Elis. E. E. Pheasey.
2nd Tower Hamlets R.E. (Vol.) - F. L. Briggs. A.Lines.
1st Hampshire R.E. (Vol.) – W. Harvey. G. H. Phippard.
1st London R.E. (Vol.) - W. W. Pearson. A. J. Isaake.
2nd Yorks. R.E. (Vol.) - Humphrevs. Woodhouse.
2nd Gloucester R.E. (Vol.) - C. E. E. Morris. F. C. Meaddown.
1st Devon and Somerset R.E. (Vol.) – F. C. Marshall. J. Clark
lst Durham R.E. (Vol.) - Pescod. Peel.
lst Sussex R.E. (Vol.) - J. Walker. P. Pratt.
In recognition of the
Kindness, hospitality, and good fellowship
Shown to them during their stay at the S.M.E. previous
to departing for Active Service
In South Africa, during the Boer War,
March, 1900.


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