Engineers at Chatham 2

Sheffield Independent - Saturday 10 March 1900

Parade and Inspection.
Praise For The Men.

Our Chatham correspondent telegraphs:- The 1st Middlesex, 1st Newcastle, 1st and 2nd West Yorks, 2nd Tower Hamlets. 1st Durham. 2nd Gloucester, 1st Hampshire. 1st. London, and 1st Sussex Detachments of the Active Service Royal Engineer Volunteers were inspected on parade at Brompton Barracks yesterday morning before embarkation by Colonel W. T. Dooner, acting general officer for the Thames District. The whole numbered 10 officers and 250 men. They presented a smart and soldierly appearance. Lieutenant Barnsley, Serjeant Ellis, and every man of the Sheffield contingent turned out.
Addressing them, Colonel Dooner said it was a noble sight to see the Army. Militia, and Volunteers welded together in the defence of the Empire. The Volunteers had set a splendid example. He reminded the men that they were only a few selected from hundreds who had volunteered for the front, and declared England needed no conscription with such men to support her. He mentioned that although the Volunteers had been in Chatham over a month not one crime had been entered against them. This was the record he had known, and one of which they might well be proud.
Captain Sorsbie (Royal Engineers), in charge of the detachments, informed the men it was usual for troops about to embark not to be allowed out of barracks 24 hours before leaving, but owing to their good conduct this rule would be relaxed and leave granted till midnight.
The men are very fit and cheerful. They are working splendidly together, and are eager to get to the front.
The Sheffield detachment is very grateful for the kindness and generosity of Colonel and Captain Bingham. A .case of knives and forks presented by these two officers arrived on Thursday.
The party leaves to-morrow morning. They breakfast at 3.35, parade an hour later, entrain at 5.35, and embark at Southampton at 10.5.


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