Memories of Brompton

At Twydall Library our outreach team were approached by a lady who was a Miss Gosling whilst living in Brompton.

She remembers living in Manor Street and going to Holy Trinity School. She was about 5 years old when she lived in Brompton but remembered Greens the Coal Yard and clearly remembers her father's shop which was next door to Charlie Waldrens on the corner of Manor Street. She also remembered there being a pub opposite her father's shop although could not remember the name [Possibly the Royal Engineer]. Her father's shop was a general shop selling bundled wood and chicken feed etc. She remembers not being allowed out to play, instead having to help chop up wood in the garden and bundle it for the shop. Miss Gosling's mother worked at the Naffi, now the King Charles Hotel and she has a vague memory of having to black out the windows, which she feels must have been during the war.

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