Prize Fight on the Lines

“On Thursday last, we are informed by an eyewitness, one of these exhibitions, so disgraceful to humanity, took place in a trench next to the Lines, Chatham.
The combatants are known by the name of ‘The Yorkshire Pet’ and the ‘West End Sailor’. After mauling each other for some time, the latter threw his opponent, and, by falling upon him, dislocated his knee-cap; notwithstanding which, such was their ferocity, and such the brutality of the spectators, most of whom were officers of the Garrison, the fight was continued, the ‘Pet’ standing upon one leg only. This, we suppose, was considered ‘game’ by his backers, and no doubt elicited much applause.
After the contest was ended, the injured man was taken into the barracks to receive surgical aid.
We understand that one or more of these brutal contests are yet to take place, under the auspices of the gentlemen of the Garrison. Surely this is a matter for the interference of the Commandant. Perhaps he can find some other employment for the servants of the Queen, than that of violating the laws of the country they have sworn to protect, and also those of humanity and civilisation”.


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