Brompton Photographers

​A great number of photographers lived and worked in Brompton. Below is a list of these photographers.



Years Active


Edward Banes

3 High Street

1860-1877 (approx)

Was a Chemist & Photographer.

Frank Sands

5 Prospect Row

1871-1890s (approx)

Moved to New Brompton in mid 1880s, following his marriage in 1885.

James Charlesworth

6 High Street


Ex-Royal Marine, had a second shop in Gillingham Road in 1902-3.

Thomas Frederick Eyles

19 Middle Street

1897-1905 (approx)

Had a short-lived second shop at 31 Brompton High Street in 1902. Seems to have died c.1905/6, Mrs Eyles remained at address until c.1932.

Shrubbal & Lloyd

31 High Street


Thomas Frederick Eyles’ shop, appears to have closed by 1904.

Charlesworth & Morehen

6 High Street



Morehen & Co.

6 High Street


In later years, Philip Morehen’s wife and daughters also worked as photographers in the business.

George Collis

5 Prospect Row

Unknown, 1880s or later

In addition to the photographers themselves, Walter Edward Stokes ran a Chemist and “Photographer’s Requisites” shop at 22 Brompton High Street from 1900-1903, which he sold to Frederick William Thompson in 1903. Thompson appears to have stopped by 1905. Also, the Spencer Portrait Enlarging Co. was located at 26 Brompton High Street in the early 1920s.

Although Brompton had Photographers from the 1860s onwards, it appears the New Brompton photographers did not start their businesses until the late 1880s or later.


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