Schools Past and Present

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In the past Brompton was well provided with schools and academies. These catered to all levels of society, from ladies’ finishing schools, to private boarding schools, state schools and technical schools, as well as private tutors.

We don't know when the first school in Brompton opened, but trade directories of the early 1790s show there were at least three schools in Brompton by this date. The number grew steadily during the following century.

The main school in Brompton was the Holy Trinity School built beside the church in 1851. When the church closed in the 1950s, the local authorities took it over. It later moved, in stages, to Westbrook School on the Lines. The old school closed in 1984 and has now been converted into flats as part of the Conway Mews development.

One of the more unusual schools in Brompton was the Garrison School, built in 1854. The Garrison Church in Maxwell Road, when first built, was also the Garrison School during the week. The records tell us it provided school places for 150 boys, 150 girls, 100 infants and 500 rank and file. On Sunday the building became a Church for a congregation of 1050.

There was also a Roman Catholic school, St Aloysius, in Manor Street. This opened before 1870 and continued to educate Brompton's children until just after the Second World War.

In addition to these schools, Brompton had many private schools, academies and tutors. Most of these were fairly short lived, but some lasted longer - Miss Bonniwell's (later Mrs Pritchard's) Ladies School lasted from the 1820s to the 1880s, and Brompton House School in Wood Street which ran from the 1830s to 1890s.

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