Manor Street

Originally a cul-de-sac running south from Wood Street.

Appears in the mid-1730s In about 1900 the houses at the southern end were demolished, linking it to Garden Street. Named for Westcourt Manor which Brompton was a part of.


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Chatham Library Outreach: An ex sapper spoke to us who lived in Manor Street as a child. Apparently the priest bought the house for his parents as it had been on of the worst bordello houses in Brompton! His mum and sister were not allowed to answer the door for the first couple of years in case it was a sailor! His father was also caretaker of Trinity Church.

Amy - 28/09/2012 11:32

An ex-Engineer who spoke to the outreach team at Gillingham Library remembered Charlie Waldrens shop on Manor Street. Apparently it was a kind of pawn shop and sappers would hand in their ID cards for a fiver before pay day so they could go to the pub! He remembers drinking at the Two Sawyers and the Golden Lion. Does anyone else remember this shop?

Admin - 03/10/2012 15:26

I to remember Charlie Waldron, if you did not pay your £5 on pay day the RSM would get the poor chaps ID card,OMG deep poo!!!!!!!

Rocky Hudson ex RE - 10/10/2012 09:41

The Irish Club years ago was at number 26 Manor Street Brompton. I cannot remember 26 as that, only as a boarding house. We lived at number 21, my friends the Pickles family lived at number 24 and Nancy Spearink (nee Matthews) and her sister, my friend Betty, lived at 28.

Win Winning

Admin - 22/04/2014 17:58

The old Irish club became a Darby & Joan 1962, I used to take my gran up there when I was over from Canada on holidays.  My family history goes way back in Brompton, my gran was born there in 1885 and passed away in 1983.  My mother was born at the old #20 Manor St in 1922 and has just recently passed away at the age of 92. A few of our family names were( grandparents “Monk”), aunt Edna Knight, great gran Sharp aunt Emma,Hall. Have enjoyed the visits over the years and have seen many changes. I also lived in Gillingham for 20 years where both of my children were born, but alas I returned to my native land Canada.

marion - 05/08/2014 19:10

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