Westcourt Street

Runs from the High Street to Dock Road.

May once have led directly into the Dockyard.

Named for Westcourt Manor which Brompton was a part of.

Part of Rogers’ original grid plan.



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I lived in Old Brompton 1942 and went to St Aloyicious RC School before attending Arden St School Gillingham.  I lived at 1A River St which was on the corner of River St and Westcourt St.  I remember Mr Blackmore’s shop, Friends Grocery shop and the Shirt factory.  Mr Potter at the shirt factory in Westcourt Street was our landlord.  I also went to the British Restaurant for lunches and there were many workers there from the Dockyards and my sister and I very often had their discs which the worker never used to get their puddings as the rationing was on at the time.  I have many memories of people living in Westcourt Street.  The Redgraves, the Levies and when passing through a few years ago with my sister, I went into a pub in River Street run by a Mrs Hurd in the 40s and met a lady there whom we knew when going to school working there .  I also remember Gladys Pound .  Actually, the people who ran the pub in River Street had a daughter in the Police Force named Betty and one called Billie .  If I sit and think long enough a good many names would come to me also.  - I was ten years old at the time and had come down from Newcastle on Tyne to live with my stepmother (a horrible experience)  - A Mrs Tina Gilmore

Patricia Gilmore - 27/04/2013 18:32

I lived at 53 High Street Brompton during the second war and left the area in 1953.
My grandfather lived at 55 which at that time was an off licence.  He was Thos.Nye and was a Military Tailor.  Next door to 53 was a grocer - Jell. Then Mr Powell’s bookshop,he moved there from next door to 55!!.  After the bookshop was Bakers Fish & Chips then I think The Cosy Cafe, then Farrow Chemists then a passage way which led to several cottages and a very large garden which backed on t0 Manor Street.flats I remember Friends the grocer, Greens, Mr Hasemore, Army & Navy. Two Swayers Pub. Conservative Club. Infact I could go on and on.  I went to Holy Trinity School but for a short time during the war the old school open was the Catholic School in Manor Street so I went there. Eventually went to Fort Pitt.  I used to play on the lines, go down the tunnels in Sally Port. and at the top of the lines at Fort Amhurst.  During the war I remember hanging over the school wall in Maxwell Road asking a passing American Solier for some gum - all I got was a ticking off.  I remember the delight of seeing so many crocus along the driveway to the Garrison Gardens - was disappointed to find on a recent visit that they are there no longer.  I used to go dancing at the RE Gym.  I used to go to The British Restaurant and loved the puddings.  Across from 53 there was a barber shop, butcher(Grimmer), sweet shop(Fairres),a factory and then a Cafe - called Cltfs. I do remember Hunnisett. then the greengrocer also Coppers Fish shop - there was an alley next to that, stank of fish but that was the way to the side entry of 55.There was a house with a huge yard in front, this was actually at the top of the passage, there were lots of outbuildings at the rear of Coppers.I recall the street party in Westcourt Street to celebrate the end of the war and seeing the crest above the Dockyard gate illuminated. Following the RM Band was the highlight of Sunday morning.  I think there was a factory of sorts near Manor Street which was closed during the war as the owners were either German or Italian - maybe someone can throw some light on this.
names I remember. Sinclair, Knight, Jell, Gorrick. Graves Stredwick, Hodgkinson, Smith (Cobbler) Waldron, Green, Halloran.  Llewelyn - headmaster Holy Trinity.  Gummer (Vicar)  Jones (Vicar).
Emanuel Hall Sunday School Middle Street.
There is more!!!!  Eileen Bullen. 

Eileen Bullen (nee Watson) - 17/10/2013 14:10

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